Intern Expectations

The HI-PIC training program is a year-long, full-time doctoral internship experience. Doctoral interns are expected to complete 2000 hours of training during the year. Doctoral interns are also expected to achieve the goals and objectives of the internship program, as stated on the “Philosophy” page of this site, and to abide by the APA Code of Ethics, and the requirements of the HI-PIC training program. HI-PIC doctoral interns are employees of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, and are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of their employer.

Interns are required to purchase their own student liability insurance through the APA Trust.

HI-PIC has a comprehensive Due Process procedure which outlines the processes for addressing concerns about intern performance, as well as interns’ concerns about training. These procedures will be provided in hard copy to all interns during orientation, and are available for download on this website under “Policies and Procedures”.