Maui Department of Public Safety

Dr. Carol Agar is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist, who relocated from California to head the mental health section at MCCC. She has over 10 years of executive managerial experience. She has overseen the largest mental health department in the United States, Los Angeles County of Mental Health. She has years of correctional experience, working maximum security prisons in California. She managed multiple mental health programs in one of the largest prisons in California. Dr. Agar was the first Asian American President of the Orange County Psychological Association. She has also served as a subject matter expert for the California Board of Psychology. She is also fluent in Japanese. Dr. Agar has a history of doctoral-level psychology intern supervision and is passionate about training the next generation of psychologists. She is excited to take the lead in participating in the orientation program, cultural rotation, graduation event, and other programs/events.


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